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Website Designing in Mumbai

Website Designing in Mumbai

ABOUT Website Designing in Mumbai SERVICES

We offer Custom Web Design services according to your requirement. We offer website design for a great User Experience. Websites Designed by us are by default Search Engine ready.

We provide Responsive Web design Services for Small & Local Businesses to Grow their Business in an overall manner.

Visit us at our nearby Office in Mumbai (Kandivali West) for Website Designing in Mumbai or Call us for an Online Appointment.

Satisfied customers are already getting more visibility on Search Engines and have grown their Business. Optimize your Website Today

Our Process of Website Designing

Web design services - PRAZONE

Our offerings in Web Design Services

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UX Website Design

(TAILOR MADE): We Develop a Website according to Type and need of Business 
While developing Website and Creation of Content of Website, we adhered to all Rules, Regulation, Guidelines of Search Engine and all Rules, Regulation, Guidelines, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics of Industry/ Professionals/Service providers.

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Website Design & Colour Psychology

We Develop Website keeping in Mind Colour Psychology for Specific Industry or Business.
While developing website we carefully use colours according Colour Psychology and Specific Colours relating Specific Business or Industry.
(For Example, An Environment related Industry will need to use Green Colours
most in their website.)
We study Type of Business/Industry/Profession and use Colours carefully.

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Complete Transparency

We Take Approval From Our Clients at various Stages according to Need of Work.

We provide timely update about process of website development and work to be done.

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Quality Content

We Carefully Draft User Friendly and Quality Content by Performing Research on Business.
We create a Content for Great Users Experience and take into account the Google Algorithm of E-E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google also wants to make sure that sites producing High-Quality Content are rewarded with better ranking.

Google E-A-T is Extremely important for your YMYL sites – Your Money Your Life
Please Click Here to see which sites are considered YMYL?

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Every Business is Different. That's Why We Conceptualize Strategies tailor-made for your Organization and its Specific Evolving Needs.

PRAZONE Web Solutions i.e our website is of Web Designer and it is totally custom made without using Pre-made Designs.

Contact us for Custom made Website Design Services.

What you can expect in Website Development Service?


UX & Interactive Responsive Web Design for All Types of Devices

Do You Know that 80-85% of Traffic in Search Engine Comes from Mobile Device only.
We Develop Websites for ALL Types of Devices.

  • Tablet Responsive Website Design.
  • Mobile Responsive Website Design.

TAILOR MADE DESIGNS for Great User Experience

100% TAILOR-MADE Designs
Customized Minimum 5-6 Web Pages According to Type and Need of Industry or Business.


Uploading Files in Business Email through Cloud Server

Business Emails

We Provide a Maximum of 1-2 Secured Business Emails 

Extra Email Facility above 2 will be chargeable for extra

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Website Optimization

  • Website having Strong SEO Strategy will Rank Higher on Search Engine.
  • Website Optimization is CORE part of Website for Ranking Higher on Search Engines.

Securing website while designing websites

Securing Website

  • Securing Website to Prevent malicious attacks from Hackers.
  • Installation of SSL is core part to prevent Website from Hacking.
  • We also take all necessary precautions to prevent Cyber Attacks.


Website Speed Optimization

Have you Ever Noticed why a User of a Website leaves a Website that is slow on any device?
the answer lies in the Question itself.

  • We Optimize the Client's Website so that it will load faster and ultimately Reduce the User's Bounce Rate.
  • A website that Loads Faster is = Ranks faster on Search Engines.
  • High Speed leads to more conversion and ultimately more Profits.
  • No one wants to wait for Slow loading Websites.
Keyword Research while website optimization

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an Extremely Important Part of Website Optimization.
The website ranking depends on choosing the right Keywords and placing them in right place. Keyword Research plays a great role in Ranking a website on Search Engines.

So it is important to choose the right keyword and place it in right place on your website content. Therefore Professional Web Designer will always Draft your content carefully and place the Keywords in right place.

FAQ about Website Designing

How much it will cost for Website Design?

A website design cost purely depends on how much work to be done to design a website. A professionally drafted quality content needs more time. Moreover it will depend on several factors like:

  • Resources we require to built website
  • Paid tools
  • Requirements of client in website etc.
  • Carefully drafted Quality content

We develop/design website according need of client and Industry.

Every Business is Unique.

Therefore for every Business our Quote will not be same.


How much Time will be required for Website Design?

A website design time depends on how much work to be done to design a website. A professionally drafted quality content needs required time. Moreover it will depend on several factors like:

  • Type of industry on which we are working 
  • Support from customer for providing necessary information about their business to us
  • Requirements by client in website etc.

Normally it takes 30-45 days, but it may vary depending on your requirement.

We are building Image of business online, Quality work requires time.


Do you Design Website for Start-up and Small to Medium Business?

Yes, We do develop/design website for Start-up, Small Business and Medium Business.

Please Refer to our Local Business Optimization Services.

We also optimize Local Listing for Small & Medium Businesses.

We offer Website Design services for each type of Business.

Are your Website SEO Friendly?


Yes, We do offer website design services which are SEO Friendly.

Websites designed by us are by-default SEO friendly.

We optimize your website.


Who will be Owner of website?


You will be the sole owner of your website. Website ownership lies with our client only.


Do you offer Hosting Service?

Yes, we do offer Website Hosting Services which are designed for us. 

You will get Free 1 Year Hosting services.


After 1 year we charge for website hosting, but if you opt to choose website hosting for more than 1 year at beginning then, you will get discounted price of Website Maintenance.


What about Domain?


Domain is prerequisite for any website. It is Name of your website.

You can choose any TLD. We will guide you to choose your Domain which suits your Business.

You have to bear Domain Renewal Charges every year.


They are Nominal charges depending on type of Domain you choose.

Please make sure you Renew your Domain every year, otherwise all cost of your website design/development will go in vain.


Domain and Hosting are Basic need of any website.

Many website owners do not renew their Domain after their expiry and it badly affects SEO and their Business.


We do remind our Client’s Domain renewal if they allow us, to Purchase Domain on their behalf.


Read in Detail about What is Domain Name? Do’s & Don’t before buying Domain, Click Here.


Do you offer Website Redesign?

Yes, we do offer Website Redesign Services.


For more Details Please refer to our Website Redesign Services


Do you help to Write Content of Website?

Yes, We will help you write content of your website. We will provide structure and topics on which you have to provide content to us.

We will guide you on content, when you brief us about your Business information.


If you need your Full Content of website is to be written by us then, charges will be extra.


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Have questions in mind? Let us help you.