Business First

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Business First Channel is owned by Mr. Omkar Singh.
This Channel is created on 6th November 2012. This is one of the oldest YouTube channels in India.

Their Channel covers mainly ‘Ladies and Kids Apparels’ and Handlooms. Most of the Videos are from Punjab ‘Wholesale and Retail Ladies Garments Shop Owners’.

They promote the business of Wholesalers and Retailers. Their Channel’s primary theme is Market, Travel, Food, and Lifestyle vlogs.

They have created a Market Place between Direct Buyers and Wholesalers. A Retail Consumer can buy from a Wholesaler directly at a Wholesale Price. Both Seller and Consumers are at Maximum benefit due to them.

They mainly cover Following Products:

  • Suits (Unstitched Dress Material)
  • Lehengas and Bridal Dresses
  • Handloom Bedsheets
  • Footwear
  • Kids Apparels
  • Men's Wear
  • Men's Wedding Wear
  • Western Wear

They provide a helping hand to Small & Local Business Owners.

Many Business owners have benefited due to this initiative.

This Channel provides services for Video Shooting and Promotion of Business all over India. So, any Business owner can contact them from any location in India.

Contact them and Promote your Business on this Channel.

Facts about Business First YouTube Channel:

Mr. Omkar Singh also owns another Channel named Jara Break Mar Ke. This Channel is for Food Vlogs. This Channel is for Foodies.

He explores Small Local Food vendors and, in the meantime, also promotes their Business on his YouTube Channel “Jara Break Mar Ke”.

On this Channel, he promotes even small Food Vendors. He narrates an inspirational story of Small Vendors and provides an online platform for their Business Promotion for a Good cause.

He promotes their Business as a Helping hand to them. There are motivational stories of Small Food Vendors on this Channel, which will definitely inspire you.

If you have Food Business and if your Location is near Punjab then you can contact them to Promote your Business on this Channel.