Complete Guide about Bringing Business Online

9 steps Simple guide to bring Local business online


Get your Business Listed on Search Engine First according to the country you want to do Business

First List your Business on Google Business Profile (earlier known as Google My Business). List your Business in various Citations available in-country which you want to serve. If you are doing Business in only one country or serving only a Local Area then List in Local Citations. 

List your Business on Bing Places & Apple Maps.

Yahoo Business Places if you are Located in United States


Optimize your Local Business Listing

Optimize your Local Business Listing for nearby areas. Fill in all Details of the Products & Services you are offering. Maintain Consistency in your NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) in local citations which you have created earlier. Update Products photos on Google Listing. Keyword Research for your Listing.

Consider Google's Guidelines for Google Business Listing while updating information on Google Business Listing. See whether your Business is Eligible for Google Business Listing.


Develop/Design Responsive Website providing detailed information about Products or Services you offer.

Develop or Design your website offering detailed information about your Products or Services or both.


Get Developed/Designed your website from Professional Developer or Designer. The simple reason is they know better, where to place any information, so that viewer gets attracted and convert into a customer. They study your Business and they know where to place CTA. 

Read in detail 10 Simple reasons Why a business needs a website?


Optimize your Website for Search Engine (SEO)

Design a Responsive Website which is optimized for your Local Business. Keyword Research is crucial for any Business website. Consider the following factors while optimizing your website for Local area

  • Quality Content 
  • SEO Title for Local Area
  • SEO Meta Description for Local Area
  • Website Security
  • Link Building
  • Integrating your Social Media Business Page/Profile with Website
  • Integration of  Reviews on Website
  • Embed Google Maps on your Website
  • Use Schema data

Create a Presence on Social Media Platform according to the need of your Business.

Build a presence on Social Media platforms if not made already.

  • Connect your Facebook Business Page with your Website and share it with your Facebook Friends.
  • Connect your Instagram Business Profile with your Website.

Post on your Facebook Business page regularly
Create and upload videos on Instagram and Facebook

If your Business comes into the category of Micro or Small Business e.g homemade products or small service providers then create an Instagram reel or Use Youtube Channel to create and upload videos, to attract more customers.


Optimize Social Media Pages/Profiles for Search Engines.

Optimize your Social Media Pages or Profiles.
Update your Product photos, details of Products, Description of Products, and Features of Products.

Update detailed list of services you offer. Write in detail about the services you offer.
Analyse the competition. Analyse the Facebook Business Page Insights.

9 steps Simple guide to bring Local business online

Testing which Platform is most beneficial for your Business Type

After making a Presence on relevant Social Media platforms and building a website, optimizing the website and analyse as which platform is most profitable for your business.

Make competitive analysis.
Which platforms are used by competitors? This should be analysed.

After analysing each platform, if any platform or website is beneficial for your business, concentrate and update consistently on that platform.


Periodic Updation according to trends and Guidelines of Search Engine.

Update Social media platforms and Local Business website periodically according to trends in the market.
Keep in mind about Google algorithms while updating your Local Search results.

Google search guidelines go through periodic changes. Update your website and Local Listing, and Google Business Listing accordingly. Keep track of all Search Engine guidelines and recent changes and market trends.


Maintenance of your Business Website and Listing

Maintain your website for periodic changes. Change your Meta Title and description for recent trends.

Maintain your website. Renew your domain and Hosting after expiry. Many business websites fail to renew Domain after expiry. Check for broken links and Error pages for e.g (404 page not found). Analyse the bounce rate on your website, and the reason for the bounce rate. Analyse your Click Through Rate of the website.