Indian YouTubers promoting Small and Local Businesses

Let’s see How these Indian YouTubers promoting Small and Local Businesses to Sell their Products online. Promote your Local Business through this New Trend. This article lists out one of the Small Business promotion ideas

Table of Contents
Grow Your Business with the help of existing YouTubers
Challenges faced by Small Business Owners
Too many things can Divert your Focus on Business
The Solution to Problems faced by Businesses
The benefit of Promoting Business on existing YouTubers Channel
Questions in mind of Customers to be addressed
YouTubers Channel Names
Procedure for buying for General Consumers

Grow your Business and increase Audience Reach with the help of Indian YouTubers:

We have found some Old YouTube Channels in India, which are helping Local and Small Business Owners to Bring their Business Online. This is a new method to sell your products on YouTube.

This is a new way to Bring your Local Business Online. Sell your Products and Services to Global Audience through the YouTubers Channel.

If you want to Grow your Local Business and Don’t know How to sell online with a very minimum amount then this Article is for you.

It is somewhat difficult for a Non-technical Business person to Start YouTube Channel and reach a large number of audiences in a Short period.

Even if you start uploading videos of your Products by creating your Own YouTube Channel, you will need to work a lot.

Challenges faced by Small and Local Business Owners:

Following are some challenges that Small Business Owner will face and there is Solution for the same

  1. Video Shooting with Professional Quality so that focus is on the Products
  2. Video editing is a time-consuming process
  3. Giving a proper Heading or Title to the Video, so that reach of the audience will be maximum
  4. Giving proper Descriptions about the Products in the Description Box on YouTube
  5. Giving Correct Tags in Description of video
  6. Editing proper Contact Number, Name and Address or Location of Business

And most and foremost difficult task is when your YouTube Channel is new, attracting a large number of audiences is a cumbersome task.

In a short period of time getting a large number of views is a difficult task. Because your intention is to Sell your Product and not getting a large number of views on your YouTube Channel.

Video production might divert the concentration of Small Businesses:

Your concentration should be on selling the Products, which will divert your attention if you are handling it with a team of few people. Your lot of time will be wasted in editing videos, replying to comments, and growing channel views. Because even if your video gets 2K views, there will be very few people who will buy your product directly after watching the YouTube video.

A solution to all these Major Problems listed above:

Don’t directly rush to establish your YouTube Channel by yourself and upload your Product videos on your own YouTube Channel.

Alternatively, approach to other YouTube Channels that upload videos regularly for different types of Products.

There are YouTube Channels in India, which are listed below, that help you to sell your products online.

Their main Business is to Shoot a Video of your Products, edit your video, give a suitable title, give information about your Business and Upload it on YouTube.

The benefit of promoting your Business on Existing YouTubers’ Channel:

We have listed out Indian YouTubers promoting Small and Local Businesses. These Channels get Daily views of Approximately 3K-4K. Subscribers of these Channels are more than 300K. Therefore, Businesses will get more reach to their products if they host a video on their Channel.

The main Business is Video Production for Small and Local businesses. They charge you for Video shoots, editing, giving proper Titles etc. The main Advantage of procuring their service is that their YouTube Channels have daily 2K-3K views.

So, if you take their help they will be well prepared to do the ‘video-related task’ for you.
When 2K-3K audience will see your Product, will hear about your Business, and your Brand Name then reach will increase drastically. And from 2K-3K audience definitely, 350-500 will enquire about your Products or Business.

Hire these YouTubers, so that you can concentrate on your Business.
Their Channel is Especially to make videos about your Products and upload them on their YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, you can start uploading these videos on Your Own YouTube Channel by yourself. Gradually people approach you directly.

Major Questions in the Customer’s mind that as a Small Business owner you have to address:

People want surety whether this Business actually exists or not. There are a few questions in the mind of general consumers listed below:

  • Whether product shown in the video is genuine or Fake?
  • Will I get the Same Product?
  • Any Reviews of Products from previous buyers?

So, For a Review of Products, you will need to get your Business listed in Google Business and other Local Listing.

But the importance of Reviews can be replaced to some extent by YouTube Comments.

When 4-5 genuine Buyer tells through commenting to the rest of the audience such as “this is a genuine seller and my experience is great”, trust is developed in General Public’s mindset about your business and its product.

Few names of YouTube Channels in India:

I am listing below a few names of YouTube Channels in India, which will prepare and/or upload videos of your Products.

I have personally purchased through these YouTube channels and this is Not “Sponsored” Names.

Business First Indian YouTuber promoting Small and Local Businesses, its their thumbnail image on YouTube

Business First YouTube Channel

This Channel is owned by Omkar Singh. This Channel is created on 6th November 2012. This is one of the oldest YouTube channels in India. Their Channel covers mainly ‘Ladies and Kids Apparels’ and Handlooms and Consumer Products.

Click on Read More to read in detail about this Indian YouTuber.

Anu Mirror Thumbnail 1 e1662105342958

Anu Mirror YouTube Channel

This Channel is owned by Anusha. She is immensely helping Small & Local Business Garment owners in her region. Anu Mirror YouTube Channel is Created on 10th October 2018.

Click on Read More to read in detail about this Indian YouTuber

The procedure of Buying from Channel for General Consumers:

General Procedure for Consumers to Buy Product from these Channels from Customer’s point of view:

  1. First, watch an entire YouTube Video
  2. Take Screenshots of Products which you liked from your Smart Phone.
  3. Go to your Photo Library and the select product you want to Buy.
  4. In the said Photos(screenshots) itself, the contact number of the respective seller is already mentioned.
  5. Save a Contact Number of Seller from Photo to your Contact List.
  6. Go to WhatsApp and Send a Screenshot to the Seller of the Product which you are willing to buy.
  7. Ask a seller your queries by sending Screenshot, for e.g. whether the Product is still Available.
  8. If the Seller confirms your Product availability then, Ask for Payment options accepted by him/her.
  9. Ask for Shipping Charges if not mentioned in Video. Sometimes Shipping Charges are charged extra, So Customers have to bear it.
  10. Pay via Google Pay/UPI Pay/other payment options accepted by the Seller.
  11. Send a Payment Screenshot to Seller.
  12. The seller will provide you with Tracking Details once your Parcel is Dispatched.
  13. If the Seller Do Not provide you Tracking Details within 2-3 days then ask for the same after 2 days.
  14. Once Parcel is Received, make a Video of Parcel opening, if you found any discrepancy then Contact the Seller immediately by sending a video of Parcel Opening.
  15. This is How you can Purchase through YouTube videos.

Before buying the Product read some previous Comments about that Seller. Read the Comments but Don’t just blindly believe anyone because comments can be spammy or Fake. Directly Ask the Seller on WhatsApp, What will be the procedure if the Product supplied by you is faulty, and who will bear the Shipping Charges for returning Faulty Product.
This is how consumers can safeguard themselves from Faulty Products.

A Seller can Contact these Channels for Video shoots or You can Record a Video and Request these Channels to upload on their Channel because their Consumer reach is High.

Note: YouTube Channel Names mentioned above Promote Local Business of Shop Owners. We do not take any responsibility for any loss that occurred to anyone due to any decision taken based on the above Article. These are Personal views based on personal experience and might differ from person to person.
This is just one way of Promoting Local Business and anyone should not depend only on this method.
This Method of Promotion work most likely with Products with Dynamic or Different variety in a short period of time. This method might not work with All Types of Products.

Feel free to Contact us for any further guidance or Google Business listing-related queries.

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